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About Kidnap (2008)
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Wealthy Vikrant Raina gets the news from his estranged wife, Malika, that their only child, a daughter, Sonia, has been kidnapped. Vikrant is subsequently contacted by the kidnapper, who makes it clear that he does not want any money. Instead he wants Vikrant to perform a number of tasks, including burglary, breaking an inmate out of prison, and murder.

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Cast & Crew:

Sanjay Dutt...Vikrant Raina

Imran Khan...Kabir Sharma

Minissha Lamba...Sonia 'Soni' V. Raina

Vidya Malvade...Mallika V. Raina

Yasser Assadi...Police Officer
Sophiya Chaudhary...Dancer / singer

Parth Dave...Young Kabir Sharma

Sheela David...Sister Margaret
Rahul Dev...Inspector Irfan

Reema Lagoo...Malika's mom

Rushita Pandya...Young Sonia Raina
Rajendranath Zutshi...Mahesh Verma

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