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About Raanjhanaa (2013)
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Still from Upcoming Movie Raanjhanaa

Still from Upcoming Movie Raanjhanaa

Still from Upcoming Movie Raanjhanaa
First love in anyone's life holds a special place especially if the memory is filled with the vibrant musings of the city that you grew up in. Benaras holds a special place in Kundans heart, because not only did he grow up as a typical, god fearing, shiv bhakt-Pandit but also because it was the city that gave him Zoya. Quiet, beautiful with mischievous eyes, Zoya was the girl of his dreams. She was alike a breath of fresh air the first time he saw her on the busy streets, sitting regally in a Tonga. He would follow her everyday to the bazaar, back to her house till one day he mustered the courage to speak to her and tell her his true feelings - his 13year old heart, smitten by her simplicity. She of course dint takes him seriously and brushed him off. Time passed by and Zoya moved to Delhi to study further. Love they say is a feeling that only grows stronger with time and Kundan's love for Zoya never diminished, he carried his feeling all through college and his heart flipped when Zoya came back to his town. With Zoya back in Benaras Kundans world was filled with excitement as he was thinking of finally telling her how he felt. Zoya finally met Kundan and confessed her true feelings to him. She was in LOVE! She was in love with Akram, a college friend from DU and he was the love of her life and she wanted Kundan's help in marrying him. His world shattered and his heart broke a million pieces, the rage that Kundan felt was inexplicable. He was torn between his true feelings for Zoya and his hearts pleas to help her get her true love because who could understand that pain better than him. He sets out to unite her with Akram and what follows is a tale of Love, betrayal, redemption and healing set against the very rooted town of Benaras and the upbeat political environs of Delhi. Raanjhanaa is the story of Kundan, his journey from a 13 year old boy in love who goes on to become a committed, spirited young man, who's experiences in life made him the person he is today. It's the STORY OF LOVE!!

Plot keywords:

Cast & Crew:


Sonam Kapoor...Zoya

Abhay Deol...Akram / Jasjeet Singh

Swara Bhaskar...Bindiya

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub...Murari

Shilpi Marwaha...Rashmi
Suraj Singh...Anand
Kumud Mishra...
Deepika Amin...
Nisha Jindal...
Vipin Sharma...

Aanand L Rai...

Krishika Lulla...producer

Sanjay Mehta...executive producer
Bhavesh Patel...line producer
Yogesh Tevatia...executive producer

Krishika Lulla...

Javed Ali...playback singer

Rashid Ali...playback singer
Kevin J. Doucette...sound engineer
Anwesha Duttagupta...playback singer
Shreya Ghoshal...musical director / playback singer

Haricharan...playback singer
Hariharan...playback singer

Naresh Iyer...playback singer
Meenal Jain...playback singer
K.M.M.C. Sufi Ensemble...playback singer
Irshad Kamil...lyricist

Karthik...playback singer
Madhushree...playback singer
Neeti Mohan...playback singer

Swetha Mohan...playback singer
Mili Nair...playback singer
Pooja...playback singer
Mohammed Rafi...playback singer
A.R. Rahman...playback singer

Shadab Rayeen...surround songs mixing
Keerthi Sagathia...playback singer
Aanchal Sethi...playback singer
Rabbi Shergill...playback singer
Jaswinder Singh...playback singer
Sukhwinder Singh...playback singer

Chinmayee Sripada...playback singer
Shiraz Uppal...playback singer
Pooja Vaidyanath...playback singer
Vaishali...playback singer / musical director

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